Deco DayLight LED Sky Ceilings

Deco DayLight developed LED Sky Ceilings that create the illusion of real windows with sparkling daylight (4000 Lux light output) and a view on nature. Our daylight systems can be mounted quick and easy on any existing wall or ceiling, even into suspended ceilings, thus bringing the sense of real daylight and nature inside.
The only available LED Sky Ceilings in the world, that will deliver a real Daylight Experience, thus providing more energy and health.

Do you recognize this?

  • You are suffering from a winter depression or a winter dip
  • Your bioritme and sleep ritme is disrupted
  • Your energy level is very low and you have health complaints
  • You find it difficult to concentrate and being productive
  • The sick leave in your company or organization is very high
Imagine that you can be provided with a solution for the above problems and are able to create a very healthy working and living environment, whilst saving energy at the same time.

In the countries where the four seasons alternate, the spring is often experienced as closing a dark and cold period and as a fresh new start.
There is yet more daylight and nature begins to bud, which are signs of renewed energy and dynamics. Even we as humans thrive again after a long dark period, marked by a revamp and more energy.
The Deco DayLight products are also based on this principle and ensures the whole year for a spring experience in homes and office spaces.

Our virtual LED Sky Ceilings, which are applicable in every room and every situation, will give you a natural view on beautiful cloud skies and landscapes.
The Deco DayLight Led Sky Ceilings create a healthy and attractive living and working environment, that is affordable and therefore accessible for everyone.

Last but not least, the choice for LED, contributes to create a sustainable and ecological friendly world.

If you want to discuss the possibilities for your project, we kindly ask you to contact us.

Get the daylight and nature inside

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Suitable for every
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A real daylight 

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